The team that brings it all together. The BlockchainHub network grows daily, but these individuals help us achieve our goals on a daily basis. 




Andrew Maxwell, MBA, PHD

Director, BEST Lab, Lassonde School of Engineering

Amy Ter Haar, JD

Program Lawyer, Osgoode Professional Development

Alan Wunsche, MBA

Chair, Blockchain Canada

Nilay Goyal, MBA

Entrepreneurship Manager, LaunchYu, Innovation York

Omid Sadeghi, MBA

Director, The BlockchainHub


Board of Directors


Andrew Maxwell, MBA, PHD


Omid Sadeghi, B.Eng., MBA


Mohamed El Kandri, M.Sc.

C-Lab/Strategic Innitiative Manager

Othalia Doe Bruce, MBA

Community Engagement Manager



Mohamed Elkandri

Mohamed Elkandri

Program Manager (CBPro,CBAnt,CEDev)

Othalia Doe Bruce

Othalia Doe Bruce

Program Manager (CMDes, CBArc, CCAnt CFDev)

Christina Lomazzo

Instructor (CBPro)

Jay Lushington

Instructor (CFDev)

Neeraj Srivastav

Neeraj Srivastav

Instructor (CEDev)

Naba Siddiqui

Naba Siddiqui

Instructor (IJS,CFDev)

Anastasia Ionas

Instructor (CBP)

Nasser Rahal

Nasser Rahal, MBA, P'Eng

Instructor (CMDes, CBArc)