About the Program

This program is made for professionals who want to understand and know in-depth how to Design, Architect and Build Blockchain Solutions and Globally Integrated Systems that are outcome-based. The concepts of Blockchain as a Service, Designing public vs private Blockchain networks, Mechanisms’ design including Game Theory, and the applications and challenges of mechanisms designs will be thoroughly covered. 

By completing the course, applicants will be able to establish and govern minimum standards credentialing professional Blockchain expert as it pertains to enterprise development measures. Participants will also be able to reinforce their Blockchain expertise as a unique and self-regulating profession.

This program consists of three days intensive training course, one week of group work on a capstone project and one multiple choice questions take home exam. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.


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Course Modules

This program consists of three days intensive training course and one week of group work on a capstone project. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Module 1-Intensive Training Module (3 days)

Day -1: Mechanism Design in the Age of Blockchain

Participants will spend the first day learning about the fundamentals of Blockchain technology, explore the blockchain use cases / ecosystem and mainly understand the blockchain architecture. Additionally, during the workshop sessions, students will learn how to incorporate mechanisms and token economics in the business context of blockchain use cases.

A) Introduction to Blockchain

B) The Blockchain Ecosystem (Networks, Top Performing Blockchains, Consensus + Mining, Blockchain Emerging Business Models)

C) The Blockchain Business Case (Benefits & Applications)

D) Introduction to Mechanism Design: What is Mechanism Design for Blockchain Solutions & The Architect mindset for a Blockchain Solution.

E) Permission & Permission-less Frameworks (Trust, Incentive, Payment Channels, Scalability, AI Algorithms for Public Blockchains, Governance Framework; Hyperledger, Corda )

Workshop and Groups’ Sessions

Day -2: Designing + Architecting Blockchain Solutions

Participants will be exposed to the different blockchain designs and paradigms; Public permission-less and private permission-less blockchains and private permission blockchains, and how to select the right design and architectures.

We will cover design and development processes and patterns, deployment models and support.

A) Design for Public/Permission-less Blockchain: (Architecture deep dive, Smart Contracts, Token Mechanisms, API Economy, State Machine, Identity and Public Blockchain)

B) Design for Private/Permission-less Blockchains: Requirements (Why private - permission less); Business Case / Business Models; Application & System Architecture and Design; Deployment models: Cloud (AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean); On premise; Governance; and applying mechanism design to public and permission blockchains.

C) Design for Permission Blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric): Totally different paradigm; Developing the business case for permission blockchain; Application & System Architecture; Designing Hyperledger Solutions; Integration with Legacy / Testing; Deployment models (Cloud, Legacy Integration, On premises, Container and Microservices etc…); Governance; and Applying Mechanism Design for Public/Permission.

Day -3: Developing and Operating Blockchain Networks and Businesses

We will apply the leanings from the previous 2 days to build practical use cases, business models and business solutions. We will explain how dynamics work, the various token economic frameworks, design patterns, and customer acquisition.

Using a combination of design thinking, business modeling and game theory, we will tray and document business models and opportunities.

Finally, we will immerse ourselves into some real successful business ventures in the Blockchain space and articulate their success factors.

A) Design Thinking for Blockchain Business Modeling:

-Identifying Market Segments; Product Design & Alignment; Customer Channels; Go to Market Strategy (Token Mechanisms, Incentive Models); Crossing the Chasm; Managing Risk & Uncertainty; Building Developer Communities

B) Developing Blockchain Applications:

-Technology Stacks; Front-End; Back-End; Testing; Security; Code and Application Governance.

C) Challenges and Potential Solutions:

-Scalability, Identity + Security, Data Privacy, Operational Governance.

D) Case Studies & Best Practices

Workshop (Group Sessions)

Module 2-Capstone Project Submission (7 days)

Meet your instructors

  • Nasser Rahal, PhD: Senior Blockchain Architect, Founder & CEO of FazeZero, Head of AIHive

  • Leonard Edwin: Senior Blockchain Architect at the Linux Hyperledger Foundation


Certification Procedure

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. Participants must attend all program modules and successfully complete the take-home assignment & exam to receive a certificate. Once the certificate is granted, it will be hashed on the Ethereum blockchain and is globally accessible for further verification.

Program Changes

We will make every effort to present the program as advertised, but it may be necessary to change the date, location, instructors or content with little or no notice. In the event of program cancellation, Blockchain Hub’s liability is limited to reimbursement of paid fees. 

Cancellations and Substitutions

Substitution of registrants is permitted at any time. If you are unable to find a substitute, a full refund is available if a cancellation request is received in writing 7 days prior to the program date. If a cancellation request is made with less than 7 days’ notice, a $75 administration fee will apply. No other refund is available.

Group Discounts

Please note that the group discount is only available when paying for members of the same organization, at the same time, and payment is made with one invoice.

Delivery Methods(Please select the delivery option on the application form)

In-person(Toronto): The program is available at the primary Blockchin Academy location (York University , Toronto, Canada)

In-person(Our International Satellite Locations ): The program is available in our satellite locations globally (The list is included in the application form)

Web(Virtual Delivery): The live video stream, including link to program materials and the virtual working environment will be sent to you via email as soon as the registeration confirmed.

Program Details

Program Starts: July 5th, 2019

Program Length: 3 days, 9am-5pm

Delivery method

Intensive course in-person

Capstone Project Deadline: one week after the final session


Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, York University

Application Deadline & Admission Results

2 weeks before class starts

Course Fee (per Delegate)-For in-person delivery in Toronto or Live Video Streaming

Until May 22nd, 2019:  $995 CAD plus HST

From May 23rd, 2019 and June 21st, 2019: $1,250 CAD plus HST

Regular Fee After June 22nd, 2019 Regular Fee: $1,495 CAD plus HST


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Join the waiting list for the next program (apply here> the next program)

2-The pricing for international locations would depend on the local chapter pricing policy (Other than Toronto). Please check the delivery methods on the Q&A section, before applying for the program.

3-YorkU students and faculties are entitled to our special pricing, contact us for more details.