This program will guide the candidates through the concepts of Blockchain technology. By completing the program, participants will be able to understand the theoretical underpinnings of varying Blockchain technologies coupled with a current perspectives into industry regulation and standards. In addition, participants will have a deep dive on different framework to assess if Blockchain technology is a good fit to the problem they are trying to solve, review of existing projects and guidance from industry experts on how to write a good white paper.

This program consists of three days intensive training course and one week of group work on a capstone project that consist of a white paper. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.


-Understanding the basics of drafting a business plan


Delivery Method:

  • Intensive Program (3 consecutive days)

  • 24 hours of in class training (in-person/virtual) and one week of group work on a capstone project (remotely)

Primary Location

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, York University, Toronto , Canada

Alternative Location

China, South Korea & UAE (Contact us for more detail)

Course Fee

(per Delegate)-For delivering the program in Toronto or through the webcast.

Discounted Tuition Fee(Early Bird)  $ 995 CAD plus HST

Regular Tuition Fee: $ 1,495 CAD plus HST


Application Deadline & Admission Results

Application will be closed one week before the first day of the program. Welcome package would be sent to you one week before the program. If the course reach the full capacity, your admission offer automatically will be extended to the next available program.

1-Are not available for the upcoming in-person program? Join the waiting list for the next program (apply here> the next program)

2-The pricing for international locations would depend on the local chapter pricing policy (Other than Toronto). Please check the delivery methods on the Q&A section, before applying for the program.

3-YorkU students and faculties are entitled to our special pricing, contact us for more details.

More Information

Why Us?

  • Deep subject matter expertise (academic and industry)

  • Peer-to-peer incubation program to help visionary entrepreneurs by providing disruptive solutions to real-world problem using Blockchain technology

  • Access to global network of partners and community of 5000 blockchain professionals and 15000 entrepreneurs

This is our home at Lassonde School of Engineering, York University.

Who Should Attend this course?

The program is for professionals seeking a deeper knowledge of the impact and applications of blockchain technologies in an economic environment. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to integrate blockchain into your business plan, or industry practitioners wanting to understand the current and future developments of this new technology, this program will be relevant to you.

If you are working directly within the strategic, operational, or managerial function, this program will equip you with the knowledge necessary to discover opportunities for efficiency and innovation using blockchain technology.


Which industries the participants coming from?

Kick-start Your Career in Toronto Blockchain Startups and Other Businesses

Course Outline

This program consists of a three days intensive training course and one week of group work on a capstone project that consists of a white paper.

Day 1

From Nick Szabo’s “bit gold” in 1998 to Ethereum’s Metropolis release in 2017, participants will learn a historical timeline of what we call today “Blockchain technology”. After attaining historical context for Blockchain, participants will then dive into a technical and business perspective of the technology fundamentals concepts and key features. In Day 1 participants will also start the journey of identifying the problem they are trying to solve, the technology fit and the business model.

  • Blockchain fundamentals

  • Blockchain capabilities

  • Fundamentals of currency

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Smart Contracts

  • Blockchain protocols : Introduction

  • Blockchain key concepts

  • Blockchain applications

  • Blockchain use cases identification

Day 2

During the 2nd day of the course, participants will dive into the different Blockchain platforms, their differences and when each platform can be used.

The participants will be then going through Blockchain decision frameworks and get into the weeds of what make a strong Blockchain business case and deriving insights to help them through the process of finalizing the vision for their next Blockchain solution. 

A strong focus on user design will be acknowledged to assure that participants are creating viable Blockchain business plans that solve current/future use cases.

Blockchain platforms deep dive:

  1. Ethereum

  2. Hyperledger

  3. Corda

  4. Blockchain business models

Day 3

In Day 3, participants will be able to expand on their understanding of Blockchain business models through a critical review of curated white papers of existing projects to derive forces to implement in their project and pitfalls to avoid. This will allow students to immerse into a Blockchain professional mindset. 

In addition, participants will review laws and regulations by deep diving into the details of different jurisdictions and going through Blockchain legal frameworks.

This will then lead the participants to begin working on their Blockchain business plan for the Capstone Project.

Blockchain : Creating value vs capturing value

  • Blockchain monetization models

  • Cryptographic token use cases

  • Cryptoeconomics: Blockchain and game theory

  • Blockchain white papers

  • Blockchain legal framework

Capstone Project (White Paper) Submission (7 days)

Your capstone project is a white paper designed for a use case of your choice. It is due one week after finishing the intensive course.



Certification Procedure

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. Participants must attend all program modules and successfully complete the take-home assignment/exam to receive a certificate. Once the certificate is granted, it will be hashed on the Ethereum blockchain and is globally accessible for further verification.

Program Changes

We will make every effort to present the program as advertised, but it may be necessary to change the date, location, instructors or content with little or no notice. In the event of program cancellation, Blockchain Hub’s liability is limited to reimbursement of paid fees. 

Cancellations and Substitutions

Substitution of registrants is permitted at any time. If you are unable to find a substitute, a full refund is available if a cancellation request is received in writing 7 days prior to the program date. If a cancellation request is made with less than 7 days’ notice, a $75 administration fee will apply. No other refund is available.

Group Discounts

Please note that the group discount is only available when paying for members of the same organization, at the same time, and payment is made with one invoice.

Delivery Methods(Please select the delivery option on the application form)

In-person(Toronto): The program is available at the primary location (York University , Toronto, Canada)

In-person(Our International Satellite Locations ): The program is available in our satellite locations globally (The list is included in the application form)

Web(Virtual Delivery): The live video stream, including link to program materials and the virtual working environment will be sent to you via email as soon as the registration confirmed.