How to create a sustainable innovation hub : BlockchainHub Director speaks at IOT Education Summit

Technology hubs serve as infrastructure to support tech, entrepreneurship, and innovation. This is because there are so many gaps in the enabling environment to be filled, or to be filled better, cheaper, or more easily. The challenge is that too many hubs try to do too many things to serve their communities, while few of these activities generate revenue. Why? Many hubs provide public good services (free training, panel discussions and etc.) that aren’t provided elsewhere, and aren’t monetizable because community members can’t afford to pay market value for them. Their users are not their customers because they cannot afford to be. Also, it’s difficult to focus on what is useful and profitable while juggling many things. As such, many hubs develop value-added services to another set of stakeholders such as corporates and development agencies who become customers that subsidize the costs of the services provided to communities. Over time, hubs also tend to specialize and differentiate out of necessity.

Join The Blockchainhub Director, Omid Sadeghi at IoT, Big Data Education Summit Canada and learn ways to tackle sustainability issues in innovation hubs.



Omid Sadeghi