Call for Applications to The Blockchain Hub Board of Directors

As a community driven Innovation Hub, The BlockchainHub at York University is accepting applications to serve on its Board of Directors, five vacancies will be filled through online voting, the voting will happen in August 2019 and the elected candidates will join the Board of Directors for a one-year term.

A.Available positions (Job description provided on the application form )

  • Directors of Community engagement & Awards

  • Director of Global Partnerships

  • Director of Research & Academic Partnership

  • Director of Community Innovation Lab (C-Lab)

  • Director of Communications

B.General Eligibility Criteria :

1) Being a graduate of The Blockchain Hub certification programs


2)Being a current or past instructor at The BlockchainHub

C.Time Commitments: Minimum 60 hours per month

D. Benefits:

1)Leading one of the most prominent blockchain communities in North America

2)50% discount on any program offerings at Lassonde PD, York University (

E.Application steps:

Step 1-Application submission: Deadline- June 1st

Step 2-Pre-screening: List of Candidates would be announced by June 15th

Step 3-General election: The board members will be elected in an Online Voting , happening by August 2019.