Industry experts discuss Blockchain and Cryptocurrency on the first BlockchainHub Professional Network event at York University

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On October 19th 2017, the BlockchainHub and its professional network held their first event on “Overview of the Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and YorkU CED Program” to educate the community on the benefit of this technology.

The BlockchainHub, first of its kind in Canada, provides top-notch services on Blockchain education, research and technology commercialization, to catalyze the potential of this technology to transform society and disrupt existing value chains.

Located at the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence at York University (Toronto - Canada), the BlockchainHub works with 9 different partner organizations and has a community of 1000 Blockchain adepts with access to 15000 entrepreneurs across the Greater Toronto Area.

The BlockchainHub offers two very competitive certification programs, the certified Ethereum development program, first in Canada, and the hyper-ledger fabric certification program. Also two workshops on Blockchain and law at Osgoode law school and Blockchain for entrepreneurs.

The BlockchainHub professional network first event was an opportunity to bring together industry experts and Blockchain enthusiasts around the applications of decentralised technology. Othalia Doe-Bruce started off the event by introducing the aforementioned network, followed by a contribution of Mohamed El Kandri, member of the Internet Society Blockchain SIG, Durland Innovation award recipient and BlockchainHub alumnus, to present Blockchain and cryptocurrency, Mohamed emphasized on the evolution from the internet of information to the internet of value and discussed the application of Blockchain with other technologies in what he called “The autonomous revolution”.

In addition the event featured top-notch industry experts’ panel, moderated by Othalia Doe-Bruce and including Marek Laskowski, co-director of the Blockchain research lab at the Schulich School of Business and BlockchainHub instructor, Mukhtar Mussabetov, founder at BlockSpace Labs, Stu Peters, founder at ChainSafe systems, CTO at Arkilio and BlockchainHub instructor, Nitin Mascreen, Blockchain developer and technology recruiter and Mohamed El Kandri.

The panellists had the opportunity to answer questions from an audience coming from different industries and with a varying knowledge on the technology, “Cryptocurrency is just one of the application of the Blockchain technology” said Marek Laskowski, “In any project involving Blockchain technology, it’s very important to look at the team and if there is an existing MVP” emphasized Mukhtar Mussabetov, Mohamed El Kandri and Nitin Mascreen stressed on the importance of hands-on experience in order to learn the in and out of Blockchain and how programs like the BlockchainHub certifications can help students shape their Blockchain and development expertise.

Omid Sadeghi, Director of the BlockchainHub, took the floor to present the different services provided by this innovation hub and the role it’s playing in helping the Blockchain community thrive through training and connecting subject matter experts and developers to Blockchain start-ups.

The event was a great success, “Enjoyed myself thoroughly. Look forward to being part of future events.” said Nakul who attended this first event, “The overview was well done. Great speakers, moderator, panel participants.” added Jerry, another participant.

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