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Blockchain, Smart Contract & Law


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This one day program is a ‘forest rather than the trees’ approach to learning about blockchains, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, tokens, settlement systems, litigation and the law. Suitable for any lawyer, entrepreneur, investor or consumer, this program will help delegates recognize and understand common themes and precipitate understanding of the topics under discussion.

With an unparalleled speaker roster, Blockchains, Smart Contracts and the Law delivers an exemplary experience highlighting the boldest and the best of the industry.

Next Available Course: TBA

Location: Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, York University

Course Price: $595 plus HST



Blockchain UX Design Workshop




This is an intensive UX Design session for professionals who wish to understand the application of UX Design in the context of Blockchain.

Workshop agenda:

-9 to 10am - Blockchain is a Design Principle

-10 to 11am - Blockchain Design Principles: pt. I

-11 to 12pm - Blockchain Design Principles: pt. II

-1 to 2pm - Blockchain Design Principles: pt. III

-2 to 3pm - Case Study

-3pm and onwards - either/or:

1) Redesigning:

Choose an open source Ethereum smart contract app and redesign it

2) Designing:

Choose a problem and design an Ethereum smart contract app solution

Certification: You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. Participants must attend all program modules and successfully complete the design exercise at the end of the workshop to receive a certificate. Once the certificate is granted, it will be hashed on the Ethereum blockchain and is globally accessible for further verification.

Next Available Course: TBA

Course length: One day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, York University

Course Price: $500 + HST

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